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Bill of Materials

Part Number
Actual Part
Unit Cost
Order Qty
Total Cost
C50, C51 100 nF Capacitor Murata GCM21BR72A104KA37L 0805 490-4789-2-ND 2 0.15 2 0.3
U149 Generic Battery Generic Battery No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
U87 IC 2-WR FG MDL GAUGE LO BAT 8TDF Maxim Integrated Products MAX17043G+U 8 TDFN-EP No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
C52, C53 22pF 5% 0402 Capacitor (MLCC) Murata Electronics GRM1555C1H220JA01D 0402 (1005 Metric) No Digi-key Number 2 ?? 0 0
R28, R29, R30, R31, R32, R33, R34 10k 1% 0402 0.063W Resistor Vishay CRCW040210K0FKED 0402 541-10.0KLTR-ND 7 0.1 7 0.7
U76 The Blue Gecko BGM113 is a Bluetooth® Module targeted for Bluetooth low energy applications where small size, reliable RF, low-power consumption, and easy application development are key requirements. At +3 dBm TX power, BGM113 is ideal for applications requiring short and medium range Bluetooth connectivity. The BGM113 integrates all of the necessary elements required for a Bluetooth application: Bluetooth radio, a software stack, and GATT-based profiles, and it can also host end user applications, which means no external microcontroller is required in size, price or power constrained devices. The BGM113 Bluetooth Module also has highly flexible hardware interfaces to connect to different peripherals or sensors. Silicon Labs BGM113A256V2 Class 2 BT Smart 802.15.1 No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
C32 Capacitor TDK C1005X7R1H104K 1005 No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
C37, C39, C40, C41, C43, C44, C45, C47, C48, C49 Generic Capacitor (1pF) Generic Capacitor (1pF) No Digi-key Number 10 ?? 0 0
R11, R12, R13 22 Ω Resistor Panasonic - ECG ERJ-6GEYJ220 0805 P22ATR-ND 3 0.1 3 0.3
R22, R23, R24, R25, R26, R27 Generic Resistor (5k) Generic Resistor (5k) No Digi-key Number 6 ?? 0 0
C31 10 uF Ceramic Capacitor TDK C1608X5R1A106M080AC 0603 445-6853-2-ND 1 0.44 1 0.44
U196 Intelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensor Bosch BNO055 LGA28 No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
R18, R19, R21 4.7 kΩ Resistor Panasonic - ECG ERJ2RKF4701X 0402 P4.70KLTR-ND 3 0.1 3 0.3
D1, D2, D3, D4 Chip LED Everlight 19-217-BHC-ZL1M2RY-3T 0603 No Digi-key Number 4 ?? 0 0
R20 1 k 5% 0.125W 0805 Resistor Vishay CRCW08051K00JNEA 0805 541-1.0KATR-ND 1 0.1 1 0.1
J1 CONN HEADER .050" 10PS DL PCB AU | CORTEX JTAG DEBUG HEADER Sullins Connector Solutions GRPB052VWVN-RC THROUGH HOLE No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
L2 10x10mm WE-WPCC wireless power charging Receiver Coil Wurth Elektronik WE760308101208 Radial No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
X1 32.768KHz LOW FREQUENCY CYLINDRICAL WATCH CRYSTAL Abracon Corporation AB38T-32.768KHZ RADIAL 535-9034-ND 1 0.17 1 0.17
U82 Adjustable and fixed low drop positive voltage regulator STMicroelectronics LD1117S33TR SOT-223-4 497-1242-2-ND 1 0.46 1 0.46
U95 High-Efficiency Qi v1.1-Compliant Wireless Power Receiver and Battery Charger Texas Instrument BQ51050BRHLR VQFN-20 No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
C30 1uF Capacitor TDK C1608X5R1H105 0603 (1608 Metric) No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0

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