Looking For An Alternative to KiCAD EDA Software?

For those who use KiCAD and are frustrated with its steep learning curve, buggy interface and lack of support information, Upverter is an easy-to-use alternative that enables hardware engineers to design PCBs faster than ever before.

"I believe that tools should get out of the way and help you develop and build. You shouldn't need a college-level class to learn a tool. Upverter took less than 5 minutes to orientate myself and get up and running."

- Alec Manfre, CEO, Co-Founder, Bractlet

Easy to Use Interface and No Learning Curve

Upverter’s interface is fast, simple, and behaves as you expect. The learning curve is minimal as new users are taken through a quick Interactive Design to learn all the basics. Relative to Eagle, most users become more productive at PCB design within their first hour of work in Upverter.

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Animated GIF navigating between the PCB Layout Editor and the Constraints Manager.

Live Chat

Get immediate help from a knowledgeable hardware engineer. Upverter’s own developers chat with you directly in real-time to help you move forward on your design. They’re only a click away.

Screenshot of an example support chat with Upverter

Software Automatically Updates

Working in the cloud means that you’ll always be using the latest software and can access it from any computer that has a web browser. New features and updates to Upverter’s world-class tools are be pushed continuously and seamlessly.

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Extensive and Central Parts Database

Your personal parts library, in combination with Upverter’s central database, allows for consistent parts information and saves time between projects. Upverter's central parts database is constantly updated by other hardware engineers and now totals 1.2 Million parts.

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Illustration showing transfer from a datasheet to Upverter's footprint generator to the generated footprint

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