Looking For An Alternative to Mentor Graphics PADS?

For OrCAD users who are frustrated with its cost, steep learning curve, and unfriendly user interface, Upverter is an affordable, easy-to-use alternative that enables hardware engineers to design PCBs faster than ever before.

"Licensing is a real pain. During the design phase I ran into some VPN connectivity issues and got booted off the remote license server a few times. You don’t have this problem using Upverter because you just go on the website and log into your account."

- Eric Evenchick, Hardware Engineer

Inexpensive and Simple Licensing

Upverter offers inexpensive subscription-based pricing plans to businesses. You can easily have licenses for everyone on your team, allowing them to work securely from your office or at home, without a VPN, license server, or any IT headaches. Upverter runs through your web browser and always keeps you working on the latest and greatest version of the software, no matter where you are or what computer you’re using.

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Upverter PADS cost

Easy-to-Use Interface and No Learning Curve

Upverter’s interface is fast, simple, and behaves as you expect. The learning curve is minimal as new users are taken through a quick Interactive Design to learn all the basics. Relative to Mentor PADS’ steep learning curve and difficult to use interface, most users become more productive at PCB design within their first hour of work in Upverter

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Upverter BGA interface

Extensive and Central Parts Database

No more time wasted constantly downloading new libraries. Upverter's central parts database is constantly updated by other hardware engineers and now totals 1.2 Million parts. Creating new parts is fast and they’re automatically shared between projects.

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Illustration showing transfer from a datasheet to Upverter's footprint generator to the generated footprint

Live Chat

Get immediate help from a knowledgeable hardware engineer. Upverter’s own developers will chat directly with you to help get you on your way to making great designs. They’re only a click away.

Screenshot of an example support chat with Upverter

Save Your Work More Easily

Upverter’s cloud-based approach to hardware design means that your projects automatically and frequently save, allowing you to operate without fear of losing your progress or stopping to run a tediously slow save or export operation.