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Bractlet + Upverter

The Story

Bractlet is an energy solutions company that provides electricity monitoring and analytics through equipment-level energy data. Using an integrated system of hardware and software, future usage and performance is accurately forecasted at the circuit level so that actions can be taken before the problem arises.

In their pilot stage, Bractlet deployed 16 hardware devices in seven locations across the United States and are currently monitoring over 500 building circuits. Due to the incredible demand from their clients to expand, critical factors such as time-to-market and number of re-spins were unignorable considerations in choosing the appropriate design tool.

Upverter accelerates the design process with intuitive tools

"For a startup, our number one goal is build, test, learn, and iterate. We have gone through over 10 different fabricated circuits as we learn from field installations."

"I used electronics design tools that were incredibly cumbersome to understand and finicky with how they operated. Simple things like creating a part, searching for a part, or creating gerber files had incredible barriers and activation energy to make them happen."

With Upverter, you can get a part's data with a click of a button--something that should be standard in today's age. I see Upverter as the company making a data-driven world a reality in the electrical engineering field.

Alec Manfre

CEO, Co-Founder, Bractlet

Streamlined and easy-to-use, Upverter minimizes switchover time and effort

"I believe that tools should get out of the way and help you develop and build. You shouldn't need a college-level class to learn a tool. Upverter took less than 5 minutes to orientate myself and get up and running."

Upverter's live support provides quick answers to problems

"The customer service of Upverter is unrivaled and instrumental to moving designs forward quickly. If I get stuck or I have an issue, I know the Upverter team will be responsive and get me through it."

Always improving, never settling

"Without a question, we are going to continue to use Upverter. The tool gets better everyday and I know the team is committed to building the best tool ever. Understanding the passion of the Upverter team makes me confident in the tool's future."

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