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Project description
This is an EEPROM Programmer for an Atmel 28C256 EEPROM. Be sure to use an Atmel EEPROM. I originally used a Xicor 28C256 and it didn't work until I switched to the Atmel. Also socket the EEPROM with a 28-pin 0.6 inch ZIF socket. This isn't a true cape in that it does not pretend to play nice with other capes or use the EEPROM. Plug it in, deploy the device tree overlay (in the software), burn the EEPROM and remove it. Perhaps a later iteration will be better. The software for this cape is freely available at Thanks to George Hahn from whom I got the BeagleBoneBlack Cape connector schematic and board layout. The software is up to date, I built the board and it works!
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