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The average speed of a skateboard while bombing downhill is approximately 100 kilometers per hour. Therefore, it will be extremely dangerous if skateboarders do not know the right way for taking turns or steering the board at that speed. 


That’s why skateboarders in downhill skating need to care about their safety while bombing down a steep hill. In order to reduce several fatal injuries when falling from a longboard, SkateAdvisors has shared some tips for newbies to keep safe in downhill skating!. 


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Although today’s post can provide you with a lot of useful tips to avoid severe injuries, you always need to wear protective gear to keep yourself off the risks during skating. Moreover, this skating style is not beginner-friendly; therefore, you must be proficient at the techniques before getting started. 





Have you ever heard about the spotters in downhill skateboarding? They are the ones who stand at the corners of the hill and tell the rider whether or not there is a car or other vehicles coming toward them. 


Typically, spotters use hand signals to indicate incoming danger; therefore, skateboarders will be able to make a full stop in critical situations. As suggested by SkateAdvisors on, some skateboarders even need a pro spotter in order to conquer tricky and dangerous corners. 




Choosing the proper time for skating is also a good idea to stay safe since you should know that the hill will have a lot of traffic during a particular hour of the day. Mostly, skateboarders choose to perform at night since many roads are not crowded at that time. 


In some places, skateboarding is even prohibited after 5 P.M to avoid traffic but luckily, skating is allowed on the weekend. To determine the right time for skating, skaters need to do some investigations at the area they intend to bomb a hill. 




No skater can perform well on a poor-quality skateboard; therefore, skaters need to invest a proper amount of money for a good skateboard so that they can get the best skating experience. 



From my experience, I haven’t seen any longboarders who use cheap skateboarding gear or any products that are sold at Walmart or Target. According to the buying guide from SkateAdvisors on, skateboarders should avoid buying a cheap skateboard at all costs. 


In downhill skating, looking for a good level of stability is a must if you want to ensure your safety. That’s why a professional skater is willing to pay from $600 to more than $1000 to own a proper downhill longboard in exchange for the best performance when bombing a steep hill. 


Moreover, there are several options for skateboarders to build their own skateboards. However, this method requires enough knowledge about skateboards in order to purchase the right components and assemble them in the correct way. 




Skateboarding, especially downhill skating, contains a lot of risks; therefore, skateboarders need to take precautions to prevent serious injuries and accidents. 

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