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Project description
An updated design for an 8Bit MultiWii Flight Controller. Design features integrate many older designs such as the mMWC shield ( and the i2C_GPS_NAV add-on ( The mMWC shield designed has been modified to use an ATMega32u4-based, Arduino "Pro Micro" in place of the original Arduino "Pro Mini". A secondary "Pro Mini" has been retained to convert the MTK3339 GPS signal into i2c. NOTE: These configurations were common workarounds for the memory limitations of 8 bit microcontrollers, when they were commonly used as Flight Controllers. It is currently more common to find 32 bit or ATMega2560-based FCs that no longer require i2c conversions but nevertheless require greater specialization and cost signicantly more. In the interest of preserving the accessibility/affordability of the 8 bit designs, this project seeks to combine several approaches that enhance the capabilities of low-cost platforms.
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