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Project description
In this project we design low cost high performance programmable home security system using few LDR’s as an input sensors. When above sensor(s) get triggered system may dial the user specified phone number (using build-in DTMF generator) and activate the high power audio alarm and lights. All the parameters of DTMF generator, audio alarm and light interface are programmed through the RS232 serial interface. Current firmware of this system presents interactive control system through the RS232 interface. This control system consist with the menu driven configuration options, self tests, system report generators, etc. This system also contain 5W (with 4Ω speaker) audio alarm with three selectable tone configurations, which include Police siren, Fire engine siren and Ambulance siren. This system uses a Microchip’s PIC16F877A as a main controller, LM339 as sensor interface, UM3561 as a tone generator and μPC2002 as a speaker driver (audio amplifier). LM7805, LM7812 and LM317 voltage regulators are used to obtain +5V, +12V and +3V respectively.
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R43, R38, R21, R24, R2, R41, R14, R19, R10, R25, R1, R28, R31, R34, R29, R23, R40, R12, R26, R35, R22, R37, R39, R7, R16, R15, R32, R13, R42, R36, R30, R5, R20, R9, R17, R3, R33, R27




GND13, GND28, GND18, GND8, GND12, GND22, GND1, GND15, GND6, GND20, GND21, GND11, GND27, GND23, GND2, GND24, GND19, GND29, GND16, GND3, GND10, GND4, GND5, GND9, GND25, GND7, GND17, GND26, GND14


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