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Project description
new iteration with 8 Mil holes instead of 10 Mil. Not sure why some houses have 5 Mil annular requirements and some have 4 Mil. Will probably have to convert back and forth depending on where I submit the design.
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FB27, FB26, FB17, FB19, FB22, FB20, FB23, FB21, FB24, FB18, FB13, FB25

150-ohm EMI Ferrite Chip Beads

C12, C9, C33, C321, C67, C319, C314, C61, C282, C107, C31, C112, C50, C68, C324, C108, C27, C286, C66, C256, C48, C104, C15, C18, C53, C320, C318, C462, C64, C22, C36, C199, C38, C121, C254, C55, C124, C101, C325, C421, C52, C30, C177, C29, C424, C71, C270, C458, C56, C281, C51, C39, C123, C418, C156, C105, C20, C190, C42, C278, C11, C62, C196, C323, C271, C327, C113, C32, C287, C459, C47, C422, C122, C103, C26, C17, C420, C35, C326, C45, C114, C40, C13, C419, C116, C291, C69, C102, C14, C44, C255, C285, C70, C284, C415, C279, C171, C417, C34, C280, C115, C315, C294, C37, C106, C431, C290, C322, C288, C23, C65, C24, C277, C292, C5, C54

Surface-mount Ceramic Multilayer Capacitors

C49, C16, C21, C317, C19, C10, C195, C169, C63, C163, C164, C43, C161, C188, C89, C90, C91, C413, C85, C414, C25, C185, C87, C93, C74, C167, C186, C181, C41, C176, C183

X7R Dielectric

U2, U13, U15

Single Buffer/Driver With Open-Drain Output

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