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-LaunchPad XL edge header connection to breakout almost all MCU IO * -30 position stacking header for additional boards to add specific functionality - 8x Ain, 2x Aout(shared w/screw term Aout0 and Aout1), 4x DO, 8x DIO, 1x DIO_EN (optional) -9V to 24V input with 3.3V, 5V and +/-12V outputs - available on screw terminals and stacking header -5V precision reference - available on screw terminals and stacking header -Screw terminals which are compatible with LabJack LJ-Tick for all Analog and digital IO -8x Buffered 0-5V analog inputs -4x Raw 0-3.3V analog inputs -4x Buffered 0-5V analog outputs -8x Level-shifted digital IO (bidirectional 5V logic) - Select between 3.3V and 5V logic levels - DIO0 to DIO3 offer CCP functionality** -4x Level-shifted digital outputs open-drain (output 5V logic) - Select between 3.3V and 5V logic levels - DIOD1 to DIOD3 offer CCP functionality** -All DIO have a universal Enable from the MCU to provide a known high-impedance logic state when MCU is off or resetting - MCU code must set DIO_EN high before DIO will function (prevents accidental load turn-ons) -MCU Wake available on screw terminal for hibernate functionality (PS Ctrl and Wake can be connected to disable power when the MCU is in hibernate mode) -RS232 via screw terminals -Slerj single-channel serial data logger RX input connected to the UART TX pre-RS232 level-shifter (optional)*** -CAN via screw terminals (optional) -USB via LaunchPad XL user port -Ethernet via LaunchPad XL port *For connecting LaunchPad XL with 98 terminal edge connector, 1x TSW-149-09-x-x-RE, 1x TSW-149-08-L-S-RA and 2x SSW-149-01-L-S are are required. **For selecting logic level, each level-shifting buffer requires shunt (2x total), 2x SNT-100-BK-G ***For connecting Slerj SSR-LC, 1x TSW-107-08-x-x-RA and 1x SSW-107-01-x-x Board Mounting Specs (mil/thou) x >, y ^ 150, 150 4000, 150 7850, 150 150, 3850 4000, 3850 7850, 3850 Stacking Board Specs -4x #4 holes designed to be used with 0.25" diameter standoffs - Holes are located in each corner of the board offset from the center of the board by 0.75" x 1.375" - Use McMaster 91780A166 for 0.75" stacking height (compatible with height of Samtec DW-10-09-xx-T-415 and SSW-110-01-xx-T combination)
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R21, R18, R20, R14, R35, R22, R19, R27, R4, R10, R33, R40, R39, R16, R13, R8, R11, R17, R25, R36, R15, R26, R32, R7, R12, R38, R34

Generic 0805 Resistor

J21, J18, J33, J28, J30, J8, J24, J26, J11, J10, J31, J38, J9, J14, J23, J17, J16, J7, J29, J22, J27, J2, J13, J12, J32, J15, J25

PCB terminal block - MKDSN 1,5/ 2-5,08 HT BK

C31, C25, C7, C29, C10, C19, C12, C16, C30, C20, C6, C21, C13, C24, C42, C28, C41, C8, C26, C15, C18, C22, C9, C14, C11, C17, C23

No description

M1:R8, M1:R7

RES SMD 5.76K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 0805 [MPS]

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