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Project description ## EMF Conditioning Low Pass R16/C8 form a low pass filter. R78 should be left open. Motor is 1720Kv * 21V = 36120 rpm Connected to 6:1 gearing = 6020 rpm wheel speed Wheels are 125mm = 0.410104987ft diameter. 1.28838ft circumference. 7756 ft/m = 129.26 ft/s = 87.95 mph -> clearly, this free speed won't happen in real life 36120 rpm = 602 rev/s 2 cycles per revolution: 1204 rev/s 2 kHz filter with 100kohm resistor: R = 8.2kohm, C = 0.01uF ## Current Sense Amplifier uC has a 2.56V ADC reference Shunt Resistor (.0005 ohm) 100A max current: 0.05V in to amp -> need 51x amplification R1 = 1k, R2 = 50k
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R28, R20, R49, R38, R11, R42, R44, R6, R56, R17, R54, R74, R52, R12, R75, R39, R53, R66, R71, R70, R73, R18, R76, R32, R55, R10, R72, R9, R4, R8, R43, R50, R14, R62, R3, R64, R15, R67, R41, R57, R40, R68, R19, R1, R5, R2, R16, R69, R27, R31, R29, R45, R37, R7, R77, R51, R13

Generic Resistor (100)

D10, D5, D14, D3, D8, D9, D6, D13, D15, D2, D4, D12, D11, D1, D7

Generic Diode

U16, U20, U23


R83, R81, R82

Generic Resistor (330)

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