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Project description
"GesT Mini" is a board designed for take advantage for the new Microchip tracking and gesture controller MGC3130 , the board can be used with EXTERNAL ELECTRODE PANEL and the GestIC Colibri Suite to set up different led actions on the board and also signals sent to the host microcontroller , the board can be connected directly to a i2C to usb converter to work with the software as stand alone gadget , or use a board with a host microcontroller as i2c-USB bridge to send signals for activate another gadgets, Its a good little tool for learning all the capabilities for this exciting chip, and also open a window to several real live implementations. This little board with a external electrode panel can recognize different hand gestures as circular movements (clock and anti clock directions) , proximity, swap directions (north, south, east, weast), multi touch panel , and even can be use as a mouse to use with your computer, all in one single board , the "Gest Mini"
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Generic LED

R25, R24, R28, R7, R27, R26, R23, R1, R10, R8

Generic Resistor (10k)
Mikrobus_add-on 8 pin

1, 2

Mikrobus_add-on 8 pin

J1, J2

0.1" pitch 6 position unshrouded breakaway header

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