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Project description
In this post we introduce easy to build, full featured PIC16F877A/PIC16F887 microcontroller development board. This development board contains following core features: RS232 interface PS/2 host interface Battery backup - Real Time Clock with I2C interface Highly precision 1-wire thermometer interface 4 Digit Seven Segment Display module HD44780 compliant LCD module 4×4 Keyboard 4 button onboard joystick 8×2 LED driver 8bit peripheral driver interface 8bit Digital to Analog converter module 36kHz Photo module for Infrared base inputs Wide supply voltage range from 12V – 40V To reduce the form-factor we design this system in a double sided PCB. When constructing this project make sure to use exact component values for PSU module (especially for L1, R1 and R2). When constructing the circuit do not connect R4 and R5 wires to the PCB. Both these wire links are providing to isolate the PSU from main board. After constructing the circuit power on the PSU and check the voltage between R4 and R5. Under normal operating mode voltage between R4 and R5 is 4.8V – 5.03V. LM2576-5.0 is also compatible with this board. If IC1 is LM2576-5.0, make sure to replace R1 with wire and open R2 resistor in the PCB. It is required to install suitable heatsink to the LM2576 switching regulator. 20V (3A) D.C. power source is recommended for this PSU. This development board is compatible with any HD44780 compliant LCD module. While at the testing stages we check this LCD interface with several 1602E-1 LCDs and all these modules provide excellent results to us. This development board is released as an open hardware project and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.
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Component (45)

JP4, JP3, JP2, JP1


GND16, GND9, GND15, GND33, GND17, GND19, GND10, GND11, GND23, GND14, GND8, GND7, GND27, GND5, GND24, GND4, GND26, GND31, GND22, GND13, GND32, GND6, GND30, GND1, GND25, GND28, GND3, GND29, GND18, GND21, GND20, GND12, GND2


P+6, P+3, P+2, P+7, P+16, P+1, P+14, P+15, P+12, P+4, P+11, P+5, P+9, P+8, P+13


S8, S2, S1, S10


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