Project Description

Project description

SOLOVEY™ Android ringtones, notification and alarm sounds, music and songs for phone calls, message tones right in your pocket. Download the app to your Android phone and enjoy the great selection of the best ringtones for free. Easily find and set music for calls or alarms, contact ringtone, text message or notifications, discover new melodies and trending TikTok songs, and make your phone an expression of who you are today. 


Music Mp3 Ringtone - Best Ringtone Ever


Wide selection of custom ringtones, notifications and alarm sounds for your Android phone

🎶 Popular music 2023, TikTok songs hits, and viral sounds

🎶 Melodies of all styles and genres: instrumental, classical, modern electronic music; country, rap, rock, pop, r&b songs and more

🎶 Big selection of mp3 ringtones, short notification and alarm sounds for every occasion

🎶 New music ringtones, alarm sounds and message tones every day


Easily set up and manage ringtones with intuitive interface

🎵 Fast setting without registration or subscription

🎵 Set liked songs as a default ringtone with a single tap

🎵 Assign ringtone to a specific contact. This can help you distinguish who’s calling: mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, beloved, or boss

🎵 Notifications, text message sounds, alert tones, sound effects for every taste

🎵 Make your favorite songs as an alarm on Android device




🎼 Easy search and sorting music ringtones by category

🎼 Free of in-app purchases

🎼 Add liked music ringtones to Favorites by clicking on the heart to return to them at any time

🎼 Saving storage space on your Android phone

🎼 Your actions are completely anonymous. We don't collect or store information about you


We hope you find the best ringtones songs, alarm and notification sounds for you. Thanks for choosing our free app with music ringtones for Android phones. If you like it, we would be grateful for your rating and review! Enjoy using it and have a nice talk!


It is so interesting if you can make your own ringtone from your favorite Mp3 song/sound, it is now not difficult anymore because with Ringtone Maker application everything will become simpler and easier than ever.


Music For Mobile Ringtone - Top Mobile Ringtone


Mp3Cut Pro is MP3 cutter for creating ringtones for phones. This is one of the most professional mp3 editor applications on the phone today.

Help you create unique and interesting ringtones.


Outstanding advantages :

✔ App has a simple interface and very easy to use.

✔ Integrated feature to extract music/audio from Videos, making it possible for you to use audio tracks included in any Video.

✔ With this app, you can Save your output as Ringtone, Tones for alarms, Notifications or new songs to use quickly.

✔ Along with many other useful and interesting features waiting for you to discover...


Basic instruction :

Very simply, you just need to move the first and second scissors on the screen to select the start time and end time of the ringtone.



Download Mp3Cut Pro for free now, Use this application to create the best ringtones from your favorite songs.


*This application is developed based on the Ringdroid library open source, respecting the Apache License.


Animal ringtones is a new standard application to set amusing birds and animals ringtones, if you are fed up with the old standard ringtone and notification sounds. This is the best and largest collection ringtones application for you. Set personalized ringtone, notification or alarm sound from birds and animals ringtones.


Enjoy each sound on your smartphone that will make your phone sound like you are walking in the forest or zoo.

Such a feel like nature touch with pleasant and interesting birds sounds ringtones. One of the best advantage of animal ring tones is that it can help you with learning your kids about birds songs and animal sound, kids get to know about famous dinosaurs sounds, various mammals animals, beautiful birds sound and obviously animal species.


A large number of us want to set unique music phone ringtone with our lover contact. When we get incoming call,we might entertain ourselves with the delightful resonant music ringtones. For a morning clock alarm or SMS message, many people want to set birds chirping pleasant sounds.


MP3 Ringtones Download Free - Lemon Ringtones. Ringtone downloading free for mobile phone. Ringtone download mp3,best ringtone download

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