Project Description

Project description

The Samsung Ringtones application is absolutely free, you can get the latest Samsung ringtones for free in our popular music ringtone library.


It is suitable for Galaxy smartphone ringtone applications and provides a powerful ringtone library for Galaxy users.

This Samsung Galaxy ringtone runs very smoothly on all Samsung phones. This is why our app ranks high in the category of free ringtones apps.

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Want the Samsung Galaxy Ringtones app?

Download our ringtone app for free and get dozens of high-quality Samsung ringtones, including Galaxy s20, Galaxy s21, Galaxy s22, Galaxy A52, Galaxy Note10, Galaxy Note20 mobile phone ringtones

listen to samsung galaxy ringtones offline, you can also use samsung galaxy ringtones without wifi or internet,

The Samsung Galaxy Ringtones app is optimized for all Samsung Galaxy devices, provides a clean and intuitive user interface, and is easy to operate, you can easily set ringtones for incoming calls, notifications, and alarms.

Features of Samsung Ringtones:

1- Provide a clean and intuitive user interface.

2- Dozens of free ringtones, alarms and notification sounds.

3- No need to find more ringtone apps. Unlimited free ringtones include music, sound effects and funny sounds. Possesses possibly the largest free ringtone library in the world.

4- You can set personalized contact ringtones, alarms and default ringtones. Set cool ringtones for mom or sister.

5-Categories: Popular, Natural, Classic Music, Retro, Commercial, Electronic Music, Rock, Hip Hop, Christmas, Funny, Notification, Alarm Clock, National Anthem, Animal Sound, Halloween, Japanese Song, Islamic Ringtones

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Are you looking for new ringtones for your Samsung android phone, we have developed a perfect ringtone app for you Samsung Ringtones and Notifications

Samsung Ringtones and Notifications for android is the best choice, We have a collection of unique and diverse ringtones with excellent quality, every ringtone is hand selected to give the users the best ringtone experience.

Samsung Ringtones and Notifications offers many ringtones and notification sounds within popular categories. This new ringtone app is just getting started we are constantly growing our ringtone and notification sound library.



Samsung Ringtones and Notifications allows you to change your phones default ringtones and notification sounds as well as alarm sounds if so desired. Another cool feature implemented in Samsung Ringtones and Notifications is the ability to set a custom ringtone for a specific contact.

We believe this is an amazing feature as your phone ringtones and notifications become fully tailored to the person calling!

The first and most important difference is that over here at Samsung Ringtones and Notifications we go through every single ringtone and notification sound whereas Zedge ringtones and sounds are generated through the user.

This is important because unlike Zedge our ringtones and notification are located in the proper categories and there are no duplicates thereby saving you time. Another key difference when comparing edge to Zedge ringtones is that at edge ringtones we do not have any duplicate ringtones. These are reasons why we believe edge ringtones has the edge over Zedge!

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