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If you are a big fan of skateboarding contests and competitions, you must have heard the name Andy MacDonald who has won the world championship in skating 7 times. He also owns a Guinness record for the longest skateboarding jump of more than 56 feet. 


I notice that a lot of skaters want to learn to skateboard from an experienced rider. Therefore, many people have come to the guide where SkateAdvisors showed the way to skateboard through the tips from a professional skater


That’s why in this post, I would like to share the instructions from Andy MacDonald so that skaters at all levels can learn to skateboard safely and easily. 




According to MacDonald, the very first thing that skaters need to prepare is a set of good protective apparatuses. Since skateboarding is an extreme sport, we can not anticipate what is coming next. Therefore, taking some precautions to prevent a severe accident or serious skateboarding injuries is necessary. 



The reason why he is so serious about protection before skating is due to his own experience of hitting his head while skating 17 years ago. Without the protection from the helmet, he probably passed out then. 


If you take a look at any skating guide written by SkateAdvisors, you will see that there is always a section to remind skaters of the importance of good safety gear, especially a helmet. Although wearing protective gear does not mean you can fully avoid injuries, it can significantly reduce the damage to the skater's body. 


People may underestimate the importance of practicing the fundamental skateboarding skills since they think these skills are not applicable in practice. Unfortunately, skaters who can not master those skills and techniques can never get further in their skateboarding career. 


Hence, all beginners must be proficient at those basic skills first in order to build a good foundation to learn all the hard tricks and skills in skateboarding. This tip is also a common tip from any pro skater or skateboarding instructor. 




When learning to skateboard, you need to make full use of the time during which your instructor is telling you how to skateboard. It is not just like asking for full instruction and then practicing on your own. The best way is to practice in front of your teachers and ask them about what to improve in your performance. 



There are also many other methods for self-improvement in skateboarding available in the guide by SkateAdvisors on myanimelist. If you are not confident when someone is watching you, you can always record yourself and watch it later to see what has been done wrong. 




Skating can be off-putting and exhausting sometimes; therefore, don’t be disappointed or feel ashamed when you can be successful for the first time. Every skater has to come through this hard time before they can truly get the hang of this sport as well as experience the joy of skateboarding. 

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