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Project description
This board will be footprint-compatible with the Arduino Uno but will use the Renesas RX111 microcontroller. The 64-pin part was chosen to exceed the I/O requirement of the Uno while still allowing use of the FINE debug header. Additional header footprints will be included as space permits. NOTE: Since the RX111 is a 3.3V micro and will only work properly with 3.3V shields. The following features will be initially supported: 1) USB bootloading using the Renesas FDT 2) FINE debugging and bootloading using the E1 emulator via a reduced pin count header. 3) Additional footprints for I/O and possible external serial flash for data storage 4) 32KHZ sub clock Following the initial completion of the hardware, the Arduino bootloader will be ported, as well as suitable toolchain, to allow the board to be used with the Arduino system in a manner similar to the Teensy board.
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