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Project description
We asked ourselves what we would want in a project board. What would an ideal platform for most any given project look like? After putting a laundry list together of 'wants' and 'needs', we created the SparkFun Protoboards. We hope you like it as much as we do. The marsupial naming convention is what happens when you let Engineers into a Marketing meeting. They looked so happy, we just couldn't tell them no. is the board with USB serial, charging, and PTH proto. This is a project board specially designed to fit the Sparkfun Enclosures. The board provides the user with 3.3V and 5V regulated rails from a single Lithium Polymer battery. USB serial communication is also on-board with an FTDI FT232 USB chip, with selectable 3.3V or 5V logic. Many of the serial pins of the FT232RL, including RTS, are broken out. Finally, the board has a generous prototyping area for through-hole components (2.54mm, 100mil spaced holes). A LiPo battery plugs into the provided JST connector, and charging is available over USB. The latest version of this board has a revised charging circuit featuring the MCP73831! Project description, more information and ordering can be found at
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R7, R3, R11, R4, R2, R12, R13, R10, R1


U$2, U$4, U$3, U$1


GND12, GND19, GND11, GND17, GND15, GND5, GND25, GND14, GND24, GND1, GND13, GND10, GND7, GND8, GND22, GND26, GND18, GND20, GND4, GND9, GND3, GND23




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