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The 9DOF Razor IMU incorporates three sensors - an (triple-axis gyro), (triple-axis accelerometer), and (triple-axis magnetometer) - to give you nine degrees of inertial measurement. The outputs of all sensors are processed by an on-board ATmega328 and output over a serial interface. This enables the 9DOF Razor to be used as a very powerful control mechanism for UAVs, autonomous vehicles and image stabilization systems. The board comes programmed with the 8MHz Arduino bootloader (stk500v1) and someĀ  that demos the outputs of all the sensors. Simply connect to the serial TX and RX pins with a 3.3V FTDI Basic Breakout, open a terminal program to 57600bps and a menu will guide you through testing the sensors. You can use the Arduino IDE to program your code onto the 9DOF, just select the 'Arduino Pro or Pro MiniĀ  (3.3v, 8mhz) w/ATmega328' as your board. The 9DOF operates at 3.3VDC; any power supplied to the white JST connector will be regulated down to this operating voltage - our LiPo batteries are an excellent power supply choice. The output header is designed to mate with our 3.3V FTDI Basic Breakout board, so you can easily connect the board to a computer's USB port. Or, for a wireless solution, it can be connected to the or an . Project description, more information and ordering can be found at Test Firmware: Datasheet: Datasheet: Datasheet: Python Graphic interface: AHRS Code: AHRS/Head-tracker Tutorial:
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C13, C18, C21, C29, C1, C2, C3, C22, C24, C25, C27


GND17, GND20, GND15, GND34, GND11, GND1, GND2, GND25, GND26, GND28, GND22, GND23, GND24, GND27, GND30, GND32, GND29, GND31, GND3, GND10


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