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You are a newcomer to skateboarding and you are confused by the amount of information that other skaters and the internet provided. When getting the first skateboard, you have to make up your mind between choosing a complete skateboard and building an assembled one. 


Due to the lack of knowledge about skateboards and this sport, you have no idea about the pros and cons of each type. From my experience when I first came to skateboarding, all types of skateboards at the skate shop at that time were basically the same to me. 


Luckily, with the help of SkateAdvisors showing you some ideas for several skateboard setups for all skating styles, you are now provided with very good information from pro skaters!!. 



As beginners do not know much about skateboards, I think a complete skateboard will be the best for them. However, they can still assemble their own skateboard but this method will be much more time-consuming and expensive. 


Sometimes, newbies to skateboarding can choose components that are completely not compatible. In that case, you will never be able to assemble a complete skateboard. Hence, a pre-assembled board is the best choice for newbies to save time. 


On the contrary, advanced players in skateboarding sometimes need to perform some modifications to the structure of the board so that they can perform a particular trick or just to get the board to react in the desired way. 


My choice for the first skateboard would be a pre-build product and I will switch to a customizable skateboard later on when I have got the hang of this sport. Moreover, you can learn about the pros and cons of the two skateboard types at SkateAdvisors on


However, there are some ideas to set up your first skateboard that I want to share in this thread. Firstly, you will have to pick the right deck with the normal size of around 8 inches. The wheel size should be about 52 to 54 mm and a set ò Spitfire or Bone wheels are highly recommended. 


Besides the deck and wheels, choosing a good pair of skateboard trucks is crucial as well. Depending on how easy you want your trucks to turn or react to your movement so you can choose the right parameters of the trucks. 



Grip tape, spacers, and other components are additional choices but I think a lot of skaters use these parts. In case you want to look at the big picture of skateboard components, I think the explanation from SkateAdvisors on gab will help you get to know all the needed information. 


Due to the lack of knowledge, you may find this guide or other guide of building a skateboard too complicated. Beginners who absolutely have zero experience buying skateboard components can check out the recommended setups from other skaters. Typically, these guides have all the necessary parameters so that readers can easily choose skateboard components. 


Lastly, I think a complete skateboard is still a wiser option to save your time and concentrate more on the techniques for beginners.

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