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Project description



Many people know that taking the TOEIC test online is essential. Nevertheless, not many people know how to take advantage of the free TOEIC test online as a source to attain the target scores. This article will give you the answer.




I. Before taking the TOEIC online test


Before taking the TOEIC online test, you should learn carefully about the format as well as the scoring system of the TOEIC test. This will help you have a thorough preparation for the TOEIC online test and the actual test. Additionally, it will also assist you in drawing up an appropriate learning plan for yourself. 


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TOEIC includes the TOEIC Listening and Reading test and TOEIC Speaking and Writing test. However, the TOEIC Listening and Reading test are more popular. Both the TOEIC Listening and Reading test and TOEIC Speaking and Writing test are designed to assess the English language proficiency of candidates in the working environment. 


The TOEIC test is used by more than 10,000 companies, government agencies and English language learning programs in 120 countries all around the world. The TOEIC certificate is valid for 2 years. Because your English competence can be enhanced or reduced over time, you need to retake the TOEIC test after two years since the test is administered. 


II. During taking the TOEIC online test


TOEIC learners in different levels should apply different ways of doing the TOEIC test online.


People who are just beginning to study for TOEIC should take the short tests. For example, the test with the number of questions halved compared to one of the actual test is suitable for people at this level. And of course, the amount of time should also be reduced by half. Taking short tests not only helps you get familiar with the question types but also makes you less tired.  


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There are many websites providing the TOEIC test online free for learners but most of them are full tests. You can get access to TOEIC TEST PRO website which offers a large number of mini tests for you to freely practice as many times as you wish. 


People who desire to have experience like in the testing room can try the test TOEIC online full. Doing a full test with a total of 200 questions within 120 minutes will definitely be a great way to evaluate your current level and thereby help you to devise suitable and effective learning strategies.


With TOEIC TEST PRO, you will also have the opportunity to do full tests which are constantly updated and follow the same format as the actual tests. Once finishing each test, you can review what you have done including your answer, correct answers with clear and detailed explanations.


During taking the TOEIC mini tests and full tests, you should hear the listening section only one time and do the reading section within exactly 75 minutes. This will help you familiarize yourself with pressure in the testing room. 




III. After taking the TOEIC online test


Once finishing one test, don’t be hasty to move to the next test. This is a mistake made by many people. Most people only check how many questions they answered correctly without learning why they gave wrong answers. 


It's more important to review your work than to take the test. Take the time to find out why you gave wrong answers so that you can draw experience for the next time.


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Additionally, you also should prepare a notebook to write grammar structures and vocabulary from the practice tests since maybe you can encounter them in the real test. 


This article showed how to do the TOEIC online mini and full test effectively. Hope it will be of some help to you in achieving your TOEIC target scores.


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