Project Description

Project description

Most homeowners refresh and renovate or at least thoroughly clean their house once a year. Beyond everything, we all want our house to look as best as possible for any visitor who might pay a surprise visit. Having a different looking house from time to time also makes us feel better. No matter who you are or where you are from, everyone loves a bit of newness in life.


But because the house is such a big point of focus that a lot of people tend to forget that there are other parts of the house that also need to be given attention. The driveway and the pavements, for example. Although they are the first things that come to the attention of guests, we have seen a lot of homeowners content with leaving their driveway and pavement stained by oil, grease, and dry mud. You would be surprised how much cleaner and better your entire place would look when you give it a go and revamp your ground.


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Just as how effortless a high-quality pressure washer can cleanse your house’s exterior walls, pressure washing is also the premier option for cleaning driveways and pavements. The high pressure water jet can blast off of the concrete surface months worth of oil, grease, and mud in matters of minutes.


But pressure washing, while simple, requires you to have certain knowledge and techniques to be able to do effectively. For that, our team has dedicated an entire article to providing you everything that we know about the processes and techniques to cleaning driveways and pavements. We also bundle in a couple of tips to improve your cleaning efficiency, as well.


To give you a short preview of the guide, we wrote in-depth about the different types of pressure washer. Specifically, which type of pressure washer that’s going to be best at cleaning on concrete. The guide also goes into the many different features that a washer suited for driveway and pavement cleaning should have, such as hot water capability (hot pressure washes can strip grease and oil far more effectively than cold pressure washes). Detergent is another thing that you will learn about.


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After that, we talked about the process and techniques to go through in order to clean without damaging the concrete. Remember that pressure washer— depending on the model that you have— can turn out to be very powerful and can potentially scratch up the surface of your driveway and pavement. As a result, our team had put special focus on guiding you through the correct pressure and nozzle setting for best effect.


The guide will also contain a few tricks that we think you would find helpful, like how to seal up potholes in your driveway with sealants and how to brush up the concrete with a surface brush. 


This article is the fruit of weeks worth of research, condensing all of the information we know and found into a detailed guide to give you as much knowledge as possible about this subject.


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