How to Configure buses

How to Configure buses

To add buses to your schematic, follow the steps below:

1. Switch to bus tool by clicking on the bus icon   and place the bus at the required location on the schematic

2. Switch back to regular nets and start routing nets into the bus. As they touch the bus, the editor automatically adds Bus Connectors to the schematic.  At this point, it is also useful to open the net inspector for each net and  edit their names. 

3. Next, connect the destination nets into the bus. Again, Bus Connectors will automatically be added 

4. To associate these Bus Connectors with the existing ones, you'll need to inspect and edit their association to match the signal name you'd like each to be associated with:  

And the connected wire will be automatically renamed: 

Note: Although buses can help clean up complex schematics, they aren't strictly necessary since Upverter allows you to simply name two nets the same name, and considers them connected despite whether their wires connect schematic-side