Searching Through Your Design

Searching Through Your Design

The Search box at the top of the right-side panel helps you find almost anything in your design. You can hit Ctrl-F to quickly jump into the search box.

You can search for parts, nets, constraints, and issues. Simply type in what you're looking for and the results are shown in each of those 4 panels. You can click on a result to navigate to it on the schematic. With Nets you can keep clicking on a net name to cycle through all of its segments in your schematic. This is useful for reviewing all of the places a net connects.

To clear the results, simply click the search box and hit Escape to clear it.

Here are some examples:

A search for 'BAT' would return nets in the Net List panel that have 'BAT' in their name, along with parts in the Parts List that mention 'battery' in their description.

A search for 'U1' will return corresponding nets as well as Parts that have 'U1' in their reference designator.

A search for 1uF will return all of the 1uF capacitors in the Parts List, but no nets in the netlist.

Here are some advanced search tips:

  1. Every search result is a prefix match. For example, the search string 'CC_DEBUG' will match CC_DEBUG_CLK and CC_DEBUG_WHATEVER_ELSE

  2. You can match against specific component attributes. For example, "resistance: 10k" will  match things whose resistance attribute starts with "10k".

  3. The value in an attribute match can be empty to match anything that has that  attribute. For example, "resistance:" will match anything with a resistance value.

  4. Attributes names are also prefix-matched: "cap: 10u" will match anything with   an attribute starting with "cap" that has a value starting with "10u".