When the Concierge is Unable to Verify Your Part

When the Concierge is Unable to Verify Your Part

You may receive a message in your Concierge panel that says "Unable to verify" .  

What Does It Mean?

This usually happens for one of the following reasons:

  • The datasheet could not be found, either because no URL was provided or the manufacturer or orderable part number were missing.
  • The datasheet is missing information about pinouts, land pattern geometry, or mechanical information.
  • The part is obsolete, has been end-of-lifed, or otherwise can't be purchased nor obtained.
  • The part is not meant for a PCB.  Typical examples are electrical components meant for cabling or switch panels, or standalone modules not intended to be soldered to a PCB.  The Concierge does its best to see if the symbol makes sense, but it's not always possible.

What Should You Do?

  • Provide any missing information.  You can do this by visiting the part page for that part and clicking "Report Error".  Provide the information in the comment box and this will queue the part for the Concierge to take a look.
  • If the part is obsolete, add a replacement to your design.  Manufacturers usually publish a recommended replacement.
  • If the part is not meant for a PCB, there's usually no action to take, unless you've made a mistake and actually want to choose an alternative.
  • For anything else, you can follow up on your part request by emailing the Concierge at any time: support@upverter.com