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Constraints Manager

Whether it's DDR3 or 1500-pin BGAs, hardware engineers need proactive help from their PCB design tools to meet aggressive requirements on signal timing and spacing. Upverter's Constraints Manager empowers engineers to create precise, highly customized design rules. From length matching to arbitrary object-to-object clearances, Upverter verifies your design in real-time.

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Assisted Length Matching

Whether you're routing differential pairs or a high-speed bus, Upverter automatically helps you create serpentine patterns that match your precise length matching design rules. The Constraints Manager reports violations in real-time so you know which traces need adjustment.

Animated GIF showing serpentine creation.

You're in the Clear

Place and route your high-density design with confidence. The Constraints Manager enables you to target specific combinations of design objects with your clearance rules. The matching objects are neatly displayed, enabling you to easily verify your filters.

Animated GIF showing clearance rule parameters and filters.

Play by the Rules

Ensure manufacturability by entering your fabricator's DFM rules directly into the Constraints Manager. Clearance, length matching, and trace and hole geometries are just a few of the rule-types you can create. You have control over rule priorities, enabling you to manage multiple constraints that target the same object.

Screenshot of the Constraints Manager's constraint list.

Real-time Reporting

Design rules are checked in real-time, while you work. A detailed report of the violations is just one click away.

Animated GIF navigating between the PCB Layout Editor and the Constraints Manager.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux