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System Designer

Every hardware design begins with conceptualization. Engineers must capture their high-level ideas without losing them as the design moves forward. Upverter's System Designer empowers hardware engineers to easily create system architecture, alongside their circuit diagram and PCB layout design.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Capture Your Ideas

Quickly design your system architecture by placing blocks and wiring them up. Easily add major components, interfaces, and indicate signal flow.

Animated GIF showing how to add a system design block.

Designed for Hardware Engineers

From microchips to bluetooth modules, System Designer enables you to quickly capture your ideas by combining dozens of pre-populated hardware blocks. They're easy to edit and customize, in-place.

Screenshot of the add block dialog.

Keep Your Concepts Close

Your system design lives beside your schematic and layout. It's never lost in separate diagramming software. Easily toggle between your editors with just one click.

Animated GIF showing navigation between the System Designer, the Schematic Editor, and the PCB Layout Editor.

Iterate Quickly, Together

System Designer is collaborative and empowers you to rapidly iterate on ideas in the early stages of the design. The built-in Issues list enables your team to discuss design tradeoffs in one central place. Decision making is never lost in long email threads.

Screenshot of a list of system-design related issues.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux