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Verified Parts

Upverter's cloud-based platform verifies part designs, removing the risk of symbol and footprint errors and reducing the risk of a PCB re-spin. Upverter verifies all the parts for accuracy of the schematic symbol, footprint, and key part attributes so you can manufacture your board with confidence.

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Never have a footprint mistake again

A bad footprint leads to rework and potentially to a re-spin, costing you time and money. Upverter Verified parts enables you to design faster and have confidence in the components you’re using.

Verified footprint

"Knowing that a part is approved by the concierge provides peace of mind, and allows me to get a product out the door to our customers sooner."

- Logan Poe, LightEmUp Band

"With Upverter, I save time knowing that verified parts have schematics that follow the appropriate standards and footprints that match the data sheets. Way to go Upverter!"

- Duane Homick, GymNext

"I have great confidence in the footprints Upverter makes."

- Andrea Dukeshire, Ambyint Inc.

Automatic verification

Whenever you use a part, it will automatically be queued for verification by our system through the Upverter Parts Concierge. You can continue with your design and a notification will appear in the editor once the system has completed verification.

Part verification demo

Comprehensive Verification

Upverter verifies key part attributes, schematic symbol pin names and numbers, pin-to-pad assignment, and footprint geometry as per IPC standards, ensuring you have a functional part in both your schematic and layout designs.

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