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Schematic and PCB Layout

Bill of Materials

Part Number
Actual Part
Unit Cost
Order Qty
Total Cost
M3:R1, M3:R2, M3:R3 Carbon Composition Resistor 330 Ohm 0.25W Thru Hole Ohmite OD331JE OD331JE-ND 3 0.7 3 2.1
M3:C2 CAP, ALU ELEC, 100UF, 20V, RAD PANASONIC 20SEP100MX RADIAL 678D107M050CG3D-ND 1 0 1 0.0
M3:R5 No description Yageo CFR-12JR-52-150K 150KETR-ND 1 0 1 0.0
M3:J2, M3:J3 2.54 6x1 Header Molex 22-03-2061 HDR6 No Digi-key Number 2 ?? 0 0
M3:C1 Capacitor, 10 uF 20% electrolytic Nichicon UVR1H100MDD Radial 493-1103-ND 1 0.23 1 0.23
M3:C6, M3:C7 22 pF Capacitor ±5% Kemet C315C220J2G5TA Radial 399-4162-ND 2 0.43 2 0.86
M3:C3, M3:C8 1 uF Radial cap Panasonic ECA1HHG010 RADIAL No Digi-key Number 2 ?? 0 0
M3:D1, M3:D2, M3:D3 5mm 940nm IR LED Everlight IR333-A RADIAL 1080-1080-ND 3 0.44 3 1.32
M3:J1 USB Mini B Connector Multicomp MUSB-B5-S-RA-TSMT CONN_SMD_USB No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
M3:U2 800mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulator, 4-pin SOT-223 Texas Instruments LM1117MPX-5.0 SOT-223-4 No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
M3:C5 CAPACITOR, 100NF, 50V, Z5U, 2.5MMP Thru Hole Kemet C315C104M5U5TA PTH_C315C104M5U5TA 399-4151-ND 1 0.3 1 0.3
M3:Y12 Metal Can Type Crystal TXC 9B-20.000MAAJ-B PTH_9B-20.000MAAJ-B No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
M3:U1 PIC18F14K50-I/P Microchip PIC18F14K50-I/P PIC18F14K50-I/P-ND 1 2.39 1 2.39

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