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Mass Manufacturing & Southeast Asia


  • Prototyped and debugged design
  • Collection of manufacturing files (Gerbers, Centroids, BOM, Specifications)
  • Funding or pre-sales sufficient to cover manufacturing costs


  • Email & Phone
  • Translator
  • FTP Client

Next Step:

Once you have collected all the files you need and assembled your archive you need to start contacting your next tier of suppliers.

This process will likely involve a series of negotiations and contract signing and if possible it may be worth continuing to run small volumes with your prototype suppliers while you turn on a larger production scale process. There are also a number of developed world service providers that can help you make the transition into low-cost regions (see Recommended Resources).

Moving into full-scale production will likely result in a period of maintenance and management to make sure the new supplier is producing at the required level of quality. You will also now need to manage the burden of returns and defective units.

Once things are running smoothly you should be able to move on to optimizing your margins through Design Manufacturability, Design Testability and BOM Cost Optimization, or begin working on the next revision of your product.

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