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On-demand electrical engineering. The Upverter Marketplace brings you real-time access to electrical engineering services such as automatic part creation.

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We provide the parts

Never create another part again. The Upverter Parts Concierge relieves you of the burden of creating and verifying schematic symbols or footprints for new parts. If your part is not among our database of 1.4 million, a request is automatically generated so you can continue working. When the new part is created and verified it will appear in your design, as if by magic.

Concierge demo

"Knowing that a part is approved by the concierge provides peace of mind, and allows me to get a product out the door to our customers sooner."

- Logan Poe, LightEmUp Band

"The Parts Concierge is an amazing asset to our engineering team. We're normally forced to spend lots of time adding part models and verifying them. You've crushed this problem for us, saving us time, hassle and headaches."

- Wes Jordan, volo.Moda

"The Parts Concierge was very convenient and the parts got created quickly and accurately. Thanks for this great feature!"

- Mike Loptien, Hardware Engineer

Automatic verification

Whenever you use a part, it will automatically be queued for verification by our system. You can continue with your design and a notification will appear in the editor once the verification is complete.

Verified parts demo


Take advantage of the Upverter Concierge without having to learn another tool with our concierge plugins. Parts will be made and verified on demand. All of your parts will be provided in a convenient library.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux