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OSH Park is Solving PCB Manufacturing

Cost-effective community manufacturing of high-quality printed circuit boards.

The Story

OSH Park is the brain child of James Neal, better known as Laen. They are a community printed circuit board (PCB) ordering company, and another key player in the democratization of the hardware revolution. They take designs from multiple people, arrange them into a panel, and then order the panel from a manufacturer. Since this splits the panel setup cost, this lets OSH Park make circuit boards inexpensively and makes PCBs easily accessible for anyone.

A purple OSH Park PCB

Upverter manufacturing

Upverter's state of the art Gerber and NC Drill file generation has been optimized to work flawlessly with the OSH Park manufacturing process. Ordering is as simple as downloading a .zip file from Upverter and uploading it to the OSH Park website.

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