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D2, D3, D4, DISP10:D1, DISP10:D10, DISP10:D11, DISP10:D12, DISP10:D13, DISP10:D14, DISP10:D2, DISP10:D3, DISP10:D4, DISP10:D5, DISP10:D6, DISP10:D7, DISP10:D8, DISP10:D9, DISP11:D1, DISP11:D10, DISP11:D11, DISP11:D12, DISP11:D13, DISP11:D14, DISP11:D2, DISP11:D3, DISP11:D4, DISP11:D5, DISP11:D6, DISP11:D7, DISP11:D8, DISP11:D9, DISP12:D1, DISP12:D2, DISP12:D3, DISP12:D4, DISP1:D1, DISP1:D10, DISP1:D11, DISP1:D12, DISP1:D13, DISP1:D14, DISP1:D15, DISP1:D16, DISP1:D17, DISP1:D18, DISP1:D19, DISP1:D2, DISP1:D20, DISP1:D21, DISP1:D3, DISP1:D4, DISP1:D5, DISP1:D6, DISP1:D7, DISP1:D8, DISP1:D9, DISP2:D1, DISP2:D10, DISP2:D11, DISP2:D12, DISP2:D13, DISP2:D14, DISP2:D15, DISP2:D16, DISP2:D17, DISP2:D18, DISP2:D19, DISP2:D2, DISP2:D20, DISP2:D21, DISP2:D3, DISP2:D4, DISP2:D5, DISP2:D6, DISP2:D7, DISP2:D8, DISP2:D9, DISP3:D1, DISP3:D10, DISP3:D11, DISP3:D12, DISP3:D13, DISP3:D14, DISP3:D15, DISP3:D16, DISP3:D17, DISP3:D18, DISP3:D19, DISP3:D2, DISP3:D20, DISP3:D21, DISP3:D3, DISP3:D4, DISP3:D5, DISP3:D6, DISP3:D7, DISP3:D8, DISP3:D9, DISP4:D1, DISP4:D2, DISP4:D3, DISP4:D4, DISP4:D5, DISP4:D6, DISP5::D1, DISP5::D10, DISP5::D11, DISP5::D12, DISP5::D13, DISP5::D14, DISP5::D2, DISP5::D3, DISP5::D4, DISP5::D5, DISP5::D6, DISP5::D7, DISP5::D8, DISP5::D9, DISP6:D1, DISP6:D10, DISP6:D11, DISP6:D12, DISP6:D13, DISP6:D14, DISP6:D2, DISP6:D3, DISP6:D4, DISP6:D5, DISP6:D6, DISP6:D7, DISP6:D8, DISP6:D9, DISP7:D1, DISP7:D10, DISP7:D11, DISP7:D12, DISP7:D13, DISP7:D14, DISP7:D2, DISP7:D3, DISP7:D4, DISP7:D5, DISP7:D6, DISP7:D7, DISP7:D8, DISP7:D9, DISP8:D1, DISP8:D2, DISP8:D3, DISP8:D4, DISP9:D1, DISP9:D10, DISP9:D11, DISP9:D12, DISP9:D13, DISP9:D14, DISP9:D2, DISP9:D3, DISP9:D4, DISP9:D5, DISP9:D6, DISP9:D7, DISP9:D8, DISP9:D9 Kingbright KPTB-1612ESGC 0605 No Digi-key Number 164 ?? 0 0
D8, D5, D12, D11, D9, D6, D7, D10 Generic LED Generic LED 0603 (1608 metric), polarized No Digi-key Number 8 ?? 0 0
DISP10:R1, DISP10:R10, DISP10:R11, DISP10:R12, DISP10:R13, DISP10:R14, DISP10:R2, DISP10:R3, DISP10:R4, DISP10:R5, DISP10:R6, DISP10:R7, DISP10:R8, DISP10:R9, DISP11:R1, DISP11:R10, DISP11:R11, DISP11:R12, DISP11:R13, DISP11:R14, DISP11:R2, DISP11:R3, DISP11:R4, DISP11:R5, DISP11:R6, DISP11:R7, DISP11:R8, DISP11:R9, DISP12:R1, DISP12:R2, DISP12:R3, DISP12:R4, DISP1:R1, DISP1:R10, DISP1:R11, DISP1:R12, DISP1:R13, DISP1:R14, DISP1:R2, DISP1:R3, DISP1:R4, DISP1:R5, DISP1:R6, DISP1:R7, DISP1:R8, DISP1:R9, DISP2:R1, DISP2:R10, DISP2:R11, DISP2:R12, DISP2:R13, DISP2:R14, DISP2:R2, DISP2:R3, DISP2:R4, DISP2:R5, DISP2:R6, DISP2:R7, DISP2:R8, DISP2:R9, DISP3:R1, DISP3:R10, DISP3:R11, DISP3:R12, DISP3:R13, DISP3:R14, DISP3:R2, DISP3:R3, DISP3:R4, DISP3:R5, DISP3:R6, DISP3:R7, DISP3:R8, DISP3:R9, DISP4:R1, DISP4:R2, DISP4:R3, DISP4:R4, DISP5::R1, DISP5::R10, DISP5::R11, DISP5::R12, DISP5::R13, DISP5::R14, DISP5::R2, DISP5::R3, DISP5::R4, DISP5::R5, DISP5::R6, DISP5::R7, DISP5::R8, DISP5::R9, DISP6:R1, DISP6:R10, DISP6:R11, DISP6:R12, DISP6:R13, DISP6:R14, DISP6:R2, DISP6:R3, DISP6:R4, DISP6:R5, DISP6:R6, DISP6:R7, DISP6:R8, DISP6:R9, DISP7:R1, DISP7:R10, DISP7:R11, DISP7:R12, DISP7:R13, DISP7:R14, DISP7:R2, DISP7:R3, DISP7:R4, DISP7:R5, DISP7:R6, DISP7:R7, DISP7:R8, DISP7:R9, DISP8:R1, DISP8:R2, DISP8:R3, DISP8:R4, DISP9:R1, DISP9:R10, DISP9:R11, DISP9:R12, DISP9:R13, DISP9:R14, DISP9:R2, DISP9:R3, DISP9:R4, DISP9:R5, DISP9:R6, DISP9:R7, DISP9:R8, DISP9:R9 Generic Resistor (680R) Generic Resistor (680R) 0603 (1608 metric) No Digi-key Number 138 ?? 0 0
R15, R17, R18, R19, R20, R21, R22, R23, R24, R13, R12, R11, R14, R10 Generic Resistor (820R) Generic Resistor (820R) 0603 (1608 metric) No Digi-key Number 14 ?? 0 0
DISP10:U9, DISP11:U9, DISP1:U9, DISP2:U9, DISP3:U9, DISP5::U9, DISP6:U9, DISP7:U9, DISP9:U9 Texas Instruments SN74LV595ADRG3 SOIC127P600X175-16N 296-31885-2-ND 9 0.93 9 8.37
R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R16, R9, R7 Generic Resistor (10000) Generic Resistor (10000) 0603 (1608 metric) No Digi-key Number 9 ?? 0 0
DISP10:U2, DISP11:U2, DISP1:U2, DISP2:U2, DISP3:U2, DISP5::U2, DISP6:U2, DISP7:U2, DISP9:U2, U92 Darlington Transistor Arrays Texas Instruments ULN2803ADWR SOIC-18 296-15777-2-ND 10 0.94 10 9.4
U73 NXP TJA1020T/N1,112 SOIC127P600X175-8N No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
U66 3-terminal positive voltage regulator Texas Instruments LM340MP-5.0/NOPB SOT-223 LM340MP-5.0/NOPBTR-ND 1 1.24 1 1.24
U91 Standard Texas Instruments SN74HC595DW SOIC16 296-8345-5-ND 1 0.59 1 0.59
Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6 N/P-channel enhancement mode Field-Effect Transistor (FET) NXP Semiconductors PMGD290UCEA TSSOP6 No Digi-key Number 6 ?? 0 0
C5 Generic Capacitor (1e-10F) Generic Capacitor (1e-10F) 0603 (1608 metric), polarized No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
C6, C7 Generic Capacitor (1e-07F) Generic Capacitor (1e-07F) 0603 (1608 metric), polarized No Digi-key Number 2 ?? 0 0
C4 Generic Capacitor (1e-07F) Generic Capacitor (1e-07F) 0603 (1608 metric) No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
X2 Crystal 8.0000MHz 20ppm 18pF 200 Ohm -20°C - 70°C Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead (DFN, LCC) Abracon ABM3B-8.000MHZ-B2 ABM3B 5032 No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
U80 ATtiny2313A Atmel ATtiny2313A-SU SOIC-20 No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
C9, C8 Generic Capacitor (2.2e-11F) Generic Capacitor (2.2e-11F) 0603 (1608 metric) No Digi-key Number 2 ?? 0 0
J88 AVR ISP Header (6 pin) AVR ISP 6 Pin Through Hole PTH_HDR6 No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
F2 PolySwitch Resettable Devices TE Connectivity MINIASMDC050F-2 SMT_MINIASMDC050F-2 No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0
C3 Generic Capacitor (2.2e-07F) Generic Capacitor (2.2e-07F) 0603 (1608 metric) No Digi-key Number 1 ?? 0 0

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