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Connected Appliances

As connected devices and smart appliances become a big trend in the consumer market, more and more hardware entrepreneurs are looking to contribute to the Hardware Revolution. For newly formed startups that are looking for a sophisticated tool that's easy to pick up, Upverter offers affordable account types for every team's needs.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

For young startups that are looking to develop their flagship product, paying a hefty sum for their EDA software is sometimes just not an option. Time is also a factor. To survive until the product is shipped, multiple and rapid cycles of iteration has to be part of the design process. The tools you use to design prototypes should require very little time to learn and become productive on.

The EDA Tool that Makes Sense

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Upverter was built with everyone in mind: from those who are just learning hardware engineering, to startups, to large corporate enterprises. Compared to other industry-standard design tools, Upverter takes a fraction of the time to learn and get used to. The editor's clean, intuitive user interface gives anyone the technical capabilities to quickly build a marketable product.

  • A shallow learning curve: You shouldn't need a college degree to use a piece of software. Whether this is your first hardware project or you're a seasoned pro, Upverter takes minutes to learn and be productive on.
  • Powerful design tools for a fraction of the price: We offer a variety of account types to match exactly what you need. You shouldn't default to paying a colossal fee for a commercial license. Check our pricing page for more details including our free Starter account!
  • Seamless outsourcing: For teams that are looking for an easy way to outsource portions of their PCB design cycle, Upverter is an intuitive and effective platform to work together with your contractor. The advanced Team Management feature simplifies any technical detail or task you need to communicate with your contractor while keeping track of the project's progress.

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