Electrical / Mechanical Integration

For product design teams needing tight collaboration between electrical, mechanical, and industrial design engineers, Upverter supports standard 3D models compatible with all popular mechanical design software.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Development of wearable tech, IoT, and 3D-printed devices is exploding. The name of the game is no longer just hardware design; it's Product Design. Hardware engineers must work closely with mechanical engineers to rapidly iterate on enclosure designs and the physical aspects of the PCB.

However, a common challenge is that the electrical and mechanical design tools are made by different vendors. Mechanical engineers usually lack training in, nor have access to, the expensive and complex PCB design tools used today. They rely fully on the electrical engineer for support.

Image for Electrical / Mechanical Integration

3D Rendering and Export

Every PCB designed in Upverter is rendered in 3D on its Project Page, giving you a visual preview of the board's physicality. 3D models are automatically created and added to the design when components are created using the IPC-compatible footprint generator. A 3D model of your entire PCB can be exported in .STP format to be easily imported into any mechanical design software.

Collaboration Made Easy

Upverter's interface was built and designed to be very intuitive. Navigating through an Upverter design is as easy as panning around Google Maps. Designs can be shared with a simple URL, allowing the mechanical engineer to directly view the layout in their browser, download any needed files, and directly leave feedback on the PCB design through the Issues list. Information is centralized for the entire product engineering team to see and is not isolated in email threads. This allows for much tighter collaboration, faster iteration, and reduced wait times on critical exchanges.

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