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For hardware engineers pushing the limits of PCB density, Upverter offers a number of features that make it easy to implement High Density Interconnect (HDI) features.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Tightly integrated component packages and ultra-dense placement are commonplace today. It's becoming table stakes to design a PCB with the density of a modern smartphone. As a result, hardware design teams are increasingly taking advantage of fine-pitched BGAs and HDI fabrication features offered by their manufacturer.

However, the layout engineer now faces the tough challenge of quickly and efficiently routing through dense components, adhering to strict design rules to ensure manufacturability, and tightly collaborating with their HDI manufacturer to ensure rapid exchange of feedback.

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Blind and Buried Vias

Blind and buried vias are one of the most common ways to help alleviate routing density while maintaining open routing area on other layers. Upverter's Via Inspector makes it easy to specify the exact layers through which a via should be drilled and connected. Individual NC Drill files are generated to comply with common manufacturing standards.

The Tools You Need to Implement HDI Best Practices

Whether you're breaking out of a 0.5mm-pitch BGA with 3-mil traces or using microvias, Upverter has several features to help you get the job done while ensuring your board is manufacturable. The Trace Ghosting feature displays an outline around the trace you're routing, and alerts you if you violate your specified copper-to-copper clearance by changing colors. Upverter has many design rules to help ensure you adhere to the minimum trace width, clearance, hole size, and annular ring specifications from your HDI manufacturer. Pads can be defined as SMD or NSMD and vias can be tented with ease.

Collaborate Closely With Your Manufacturer

HDI PCB fabricators usually want to work closely with the designer from the very beginning to ensure manufacturing success. Upverter makes it easy to add your manufacturer as a collaborator on your design, or simply share it through a private URL. They can leave DFM feedback directly on your layout and answer questions as needed. All the information is stored centrally on your design rather than isolated in an email thread, so your whole team is kept in the loop.

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