Local & Global Collaboration

The way hardware is built today is increasingly global and borderless. Teams are leveraging new technology in communication tools to work together despite being in different parts of the world. But what about the design tools? How do teams truly collaborate on hardware?

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Whether your team is local or global, collaboration is an unignorable hurdle when multiple engineers need to align their effort on one project. The solution has traditionally been to add new apps into the workflow: one for version control, managing tasks, discussing issues, etc. The design tools we've grown used to have not addressed these new demands that engineers today require to get their job done.

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Maximize Your Team's Efficiency and Boost Collaboration

Upverter is much more than just a design tool. It's a tightly-integrated platform with a number of built-in features that collectively boost team efficiency and productivity. Your design data is handled as a unified model, meaning that any new changes made on your design is synced and saved in real-time. Tackle your layout as a team and get more done together in an hour.

When you make a team on Upverter, your activity feed will keep you updated on your team's progress and any new project development. The built-in team management feature lets you assign tasks to your colleagues, prioritize by importance, discuss design issues, and more. Whether your team is local or global, Upverter replaces endless email threads, dissolves time zones, and reduces communication latency from days to minutes.

  • Real-time Sync-and-Save: Have a huge push for an upcoming deadline? With Upverter, multiple engineers can make edits on the same design file and have it save and update for the rest of the team in real-time. Multiply your focus and ship together.
  • Built-in Markup and Issue Tracking: Upverter's editor features a dedicated list for issues. Annotate your design, assign tasks to your team members, prioritize issues, and always be on top of the details.
  • Collaborative Design Review: Instead of tackling Design Review at the very end once your board is complete, do it incrementally as a team. Upverter offers annotation tools built specifically for Design Review so that you never have to deal with highlighters and projectors.
  • A Centralized, Chronological Activity Feed: From finished tasks to new discussion threads, the Activity Feed keeps you updated on your project's development and your team's overall status.
  • Powerful design tools for a fraction of the price: We offer a variety of account types to match exactly what you need. You shouldn't default to paying a colossal fee for a commercial license. Check our pricing page for more details including our free Starter account!

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