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Portability & Interoperability

For hardware design teams needing to re-use and modify designs created using other CAD tools, Upverter interoperates with several popular design packages to enable smooth migration of data.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

In today's world, the pace of development is very high. Professional hardware engineering teams strive to re-use trusted design elements from previous projects to speed up development and minimize risk. They must also quickly respond to unpredictable product flaws uncovered in the field by quickly modifying existing designs.

However, these goals often compete with ambitions to stay on the cutting edge of hardware design platforms and workflows. Chief concerns are around accurate migration of existing parts, schematics, and layouts as well as losing access to old designs. It's easy to become stuck believing that too much has been invested in the old platform.

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Design Import

Easily and accurately import designs from Altium, OrCAD, Allegro, Eagle, and PDF. Simply click the Import button from your dashboard, select the files, and Upverter does the rest.

Design Export

Core parts of your design can be exported from Upverter to use with other tools in your workflow, including netlists (available in multiple formats), BOM, manufacturing files, 3D models, and Issues. In addition, a complete copy of your design data can be downloaded in Upverter's easy-to-use Open JSON format. This format is both open and fully-specified and such files can be seamlessly re-imported back into Upverter.


Use Upverter's Modules feature to create re-usable design blocks (schematic and layout) that can be instantiated multiple times in other designs. Select the relevant portion of an existing schematic or layout and click the Create Module button from the toolbar. It's that simple.

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