Product Lifecycle Management

For organizations needing a smooth transition from hardware design to electronic manufacturing, Upverter makes it easy to access and manage the critical data needed throughout the product lifecycle.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Once a hardware design is complete it must be smoothly handed off to a number of teams who manage electronic manufacturing, purchasing, and New Product Introduction (NPI). Critical manufacturing data, product changes and versioning, and documentation are just a few of the items that must be transferred.

Some of the key challenges facing hardware teams, both small and large, include: transfer of version-controlled clean data to manufacturing, maintenance of organization-wide approved component libraries, management and visibility of cost information, and improvement of company-wide awareness on product changes.

Screenshot of an example BOM

BOM Management and Easy Data Access

Upverter's BOM manager automatically generates a clean and easy-to-use Bill of Materials as you work on your PCB design. Whether you need to change a manufacturer part number to an approved alternate, adjust component quantities, or check pricing information, it's all done easily through your browser, from anywhere. All of the key files needed for manufacturing (Gerbers, BOM, drawings) are easily exported for integration with other tools. Non-engineers can be added to the project or gain access through a private URL to download the files they need for PLM at any time.

Costing, Stock, and Integrated Ordering

Upverter's BOM automatically displays both component cost and stock levels from major distributors. You can easily tailor BOM quantities and order fully-assembled PCBs directly from your Project Page using one of Upverter's manufacturing partners.

Approved Parts Libraries

Organizations can create custom component libraries that consist only of approved parts. These libraries are automatically shared with your team members. Controlled access to libraries can also be given to outside contractors to ensure consistency across designs.

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