Rapid Prototyping

For hardware engineers looking to quickly learn and iterate from testing their printed boards, Upverter's many options for manufacturing makes rapid prototyping speedy and uncomplicated.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

An integral part of developing hardware is testing and debugging the physical board. Multiple iterations have to happen in order to ensure that your device is behaving correctly and that any performance kinks are worked out before they become a problem.

For young startups, rapid prototyping is often times a difficult stage due to time-constraints and budgetary reasons. Getting hardware fabricated can also be a lengthy back and forth with the manufacturer if you don't have the proper files submitted in the right formats.

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  • One-click Prototyping: You've pushed your design as far as it could go and you're now at the finish line: manufacturing. The Upverter platform includes the complete hardware cycle, including easy prototyping. Simply review your BOM, specify your desired delivery time, submit your order to one of our manufacturing partners, and receive a fully-assembled PCB in the mail!
  • Up-to-date Part Data: See critical information about the components in your design such as cost and stock levels from major distributors. Upverter's integration with Octopart means that you're always working with current part data.
  • Automatically-generated Bill of Materials: Upverter's BOM Manager automatically generates a clean and easy-to-use Bill of Materials as you work on your PCB design. You'll still be able to tweak details in the BOM manager, like changing manufacturer part number to an approved alternate or adjusting quantities of components.
  • Multiple File Formats for Manufacturing: From your Project page, you can instantly download all the file formats that your assembler and PCB fabricator need to manufacture your design. Alternatively, you can send them a private URL of the project and have them download the necessary files directly from Upverter.

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