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Security & Data Management

For hardware product companies facing the challenges of safely storing their IP, Upverter's secure data repository offers a number of controls to help alleviate this hurdle.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Part of a company's competitive advantage lies in its IP. It is often a top priority to keep corporate data safe and secure from external threats.

However, many hardware design tools do not have any security features built-in. Organizations often, at great cost, employ entire IT departments to add and maintain security controls to such tools. They are tasked with building and maintaining large internal infrastructure, secure data servers, and security processes that are imposed on engineering teams. Or worse, the burden falls on the hardware team itself, whose expertise lies in hardware design and not in security best practices. Despite such processes, two paradoxes are prevalent. Firstly, many hardware teams are still sending design files to external parties (like manufacturers) through completely unsecure, unencrypted email attachments. Secondly, a large amount of corporate data theft occurs from an employee simply walking out with files on a USB key rather than by infiltration from a hacker.

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Secure Data Repository

Upverter alleviates much of the burden of secure data storage. Your data is hosted on SAS 70-audited data centers that are part of the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments today. This automatically removes much of the security infrastructure headache. It features secure API endpoints, built-in firewalls, multi-factor authentication, and state-of-the-art physical surveillance. All of your communication with Upverter is encrypted using SSL. Your data is continuously replicated into encrypted backups between physical locations to prevent data loss. There are no files for you to manage.

Access Control and Secured Sharing

In an Upverter workspace, only collaborators who have been explicitly added to your project have access to the design data, and only under the permissions you've granted. This includes parties outside of your organization, like manufacturers, contractors, and vendors. Rather than unsecurely emailing them files, you can simply add them as collaborators on a project or share your design through a private URL.

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