Unified Workflow

Hardware product development is evolving. The tradition of using separate tools, different data sets, and multiple transition files for each stage of the design cycle is coming to an end. Managing the accuracy and integrity of your data as multiple engineers and project managers get involved at every stage of the design cycle can quickly become a nightmare.

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Today, most designs are developed by a team. A team is not a static entity: Engineers come and go, and more and more work is done globally in multiple timezones. Visibility and assessment of project status becomes murkier, and data integrity is a constant problem.

Screenshot of an example embedded project

A Single, Unified Data Model

Upverter is built around a central, unified data model. This allows our tools to provide unique, innovative features such as direct synchronization, while freeing engineers from tedious and error-prone tasks. When you add a new component to your schematic, it's already ready for placement on your PCB. Most tools would still require recompiling or running an update command. With Upverter, you only need to toggle between the schematic and layout editors. It literally takes a single keystroke (Tab).

The real-time synchronization also applies to project design files. For teams, this technology ensures that everyone is working on the latest file at all time without having to update the data. Engineers don't have to rely on bulky email attachments or search through a clutter of different versions.

  • Real-time Sync-and-Save: Have a huge push for an upcoming deadline? With Upverter, multiple engineers can make edits on the same design and have it save and update for the rest of the team in real-time. Multiply your focus and ship together.
  • Automated Version Control: Have all your design files collected and organized by your EDA tool. Upverter neatly compiles your project's data so that you can easily find what you need. Reverting back to a previous state is hassle-free.
  • Chronological Activity Feed: With Upverter's built-in project management, team members can quickly see all the work that's been done on a specific project. Accurate assess your team's workload and be on top of aggressive deadlines.
  • Advanced Team Management: All your project's activity can be monitored from your dashboard, including recent design changes, the latest comments, and new issues. Assign specific tasks to your team members and get a clear sense of your project's progress.

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