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Version Control

Many of the design tools we've grown used to are archaic, static, and unevolved. Simple and necessary tasks like version control is still not an industry-standard for most EDA packages. The result is a whole collection of "complementary" software that clutters and slows down the development process.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Version control is an integral part of any team's sanity. All design changes, fixes, and revisions should be organized under the project, and be easily accessible to reference for all engineers. It shouldn't involve digging through folders and folders of scattered files, catalogued by a confusing, internal labeling system. Searching your inbox for an attachment of the latest version should also never be a part of how you work.

Illustration showing the ability to roll back a project to previous versions

Automated version control that's so effortless, you won't remember that it's there.

Built around a single, unified data model, Upverter's automated version control is always working in the background. Every edit you or your team members make is logged, synced, and stored under your project. Tag a point in your project's timeline that you'd like to jump back to, and always have it available either as a reference point or an older version to revert to. From your project page, your design's every action is compiled chronologically so that you can easily scroll back in time to see its different developmental stages.

  • Automated version control that's out of your way: Every action on a design is logged for seamless version control. Quickly jump back to an instant to reference an earlier version of the project.
  • A simple, easy to understand data model: Upverter's single, unified data model means that nothing gets splintered; everything associated to a project stays organized together. Accessing previous versions never requires searching for it first.

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