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About Us

The way engineers build hardware needs an update. We build tools that are setting hardware design back on track and bolstering it with new and innovative technology.

Why We're Here

We're on a mission to make hardware less hard; to empower engineers by equipping them with world-class technology, knowledge, and support.

We are making every step of hardware design approachable, pleasant, and productive.

We believe the tools should fade into the background, freeing engineers to be truly creative.

What We Build

We believe it's our duty to build tools that remove the tedium out of hardware development. Our collaborative, web-based CAD tools make every step of PCB design easy, efficient, and pain-free. Teams of any size can collaborate without unnecessary duplication of effort. No more endless email threads with bulky attachments; timezones are never a limiting factor; communication latency drops from days to minutes; and your team's potential is fully unlocked.

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Meet The Founders

Work at Upverter

Working at Upverter means that you'll be a part of a team that thrives on challenges. We get excited at building the impossible, at solving the unknown, and at ideas that truly know no borders. You'll be cross-pollinating your thoughts with people of many different backgrounds and expertise, always learning new things and expanding your arsenal of skills.

If you're driven by the same things that drive us, and you want to build for a world that makes hardware easy, efficient, and more accessible, drop us a line at We look forward to hearing from you!

We Believe That:

The world is changing

Today, teams are spread between North America, Europe, and Asia. Engineers are no longer working in isolation but dealing with multiple time zones and communication barriers.

Upverter makes collaborating on hardware design intuitive and efficient. We rely on the capabilities of the latest browsers to deliver engineering tools you can load from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

You shouldn't have to re-create the wheel

How often do you generate footprints that already exist somewhere else? How many times do you edit each symbol again? Designing hardware is hard enough - it shouldn't be bogged down with all these unnecessary steps.

We believe in the power of re-usability. Upverter allows engineers to create on top of a foundation of editable building blocks, saving on time, money, and energy.

1 + 1 > 2

Within a team, engineers have different strengths. We build collaboration tools that make the most of these individual skills, resulting in a more productive and powerful unit. We build the tools to create the alchemy.

At Upverter, Good is not good enough

We're constantly innovating and iterating to improve the way hardware is created. We spend a lot of time talking to engineers all around the world to understand what would make your job easier.

When you use Upverter, you know you are working with a dynamic tool. We keep up-to-date with the latest technology and engineering practices to offer the most effective solution possible. Our engineers are always coming up with new features to better fit your needs - probably before you even know you need it.

Ideas, feature requests, suggestions? Drop us a line at

Engineers understand engineers.

When you reach out to us through live chat, you're not wasting time with customer service reps. The people who spend their days building Upverter are the same people who answer your questions and help you out.

You can also email us at