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Screenshot of the project Arduino Uno Rev3 in the Upverter PCB Layout tool
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Simplifying IoT Product Design

Coming Winter 2019. We want your feedback and ideas.

Customize Thousands of Hardware Designs

Pick any published hardware design and create your own customized copy from it.

How Upverter is Different

Go from idea to realization, design with modules, share and embed anywhere – free.

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    Idea to Realization

    Users don’t want more CAD. They don’t want more tools. More different ways to do the same thing in different places. They want realization. They want a way to go from idea to thing easier and faster and better they they do right now. One of our driving motivations has always been and always will be making it easier for you to go from idea to real, manufactured, working hardware device — to realization. The reason for building Upverter in the cloud is that it makes realization easier. The reason for our integrations with EE Concierge and Octopart is they both make realization easier.

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    Modular Design

    Upverter is architected and being built fundamentally for Modular Design. We believe Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, GumStix, etc. are natural evolutions of the electronics and hardware design process. The explosion of “X on a module” (SOM, COM, etc.) was inevitable and is the right way for the industry to develop. We believe the days of designing with first-principles, picking resistors and capacitors, and assembling schematics from these atomic and raw elements are numbered. We believe in the future users will design hardware using abstract, applicational or functional blocks — almost like snapping lego blocks together — and hardly even consider “raw” parts. We call this modular design, and Upverter is the first design realization tool to embrace this new way of making hardware.

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    We believe in a maximally open platform for all those who support, enable, or realize hardware. In line with this Upverter is being refactored as an embeddable, extensible platform which can be used by anyone, anywhere without limits to deliver realization experiences to their communities, customers, users, and ecosystems. We call this product embeddable Upverter. It’s free to use, and our vision is that it gets used as far and as wide and for as many different things as Google Maps was — becoming part of the infrastructure — a foundational technology for hardware realization communities, products, and companies.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

These features will help you get from idea to working hardware.

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