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Engineering the Future on Upverter

Our workflow with Upverter has been a lot faster. Portrait of Blaze Sanders

Blaze Sanders

Hardware Engineer, META

Meta knows a thing or two about innovation. Having started in a Columbia University dorm room two years ago, they envisioned a fully-immersive augmented reality experience that would bring us into the Iron Man era.

As a startup hyper-focused on rapidly-evolving hardware technology, Meta knew a fast-turnaround, iterative approach would be the only way to solve their serious technical challenges under a crushing timeline. Conventional EDA tools seemed focused on a siloed, single-expert approach favouring one-off designs. Meta started looking for an alternative EDA solution that would radically improve their team workflow and time-to-market.

Favourite Feature: Design Review

We can review designs and schematics really easily without emailing files back and forth. Being able to make notes for specific things that should be changed is a feature that we use a lot.

Everyone together now

Having grown from five to fifty people over the course of two years, effective team management became an obstacle in how Meta operated on a day to day basis. For such a complex design like their augmented reality eyewear, reviewing schematics and layout quickly became a challenge that took time and coordination. With Upverter's built-in team management feature, Meta's hardware engineers were able to make comprehensive notes straight on the design and know exactly what needed to be changed or fixed next.

With Eagle, we weren't getting the level of reliability and quality that we needed.

We wanted to try something fundamentally different, like Upverter, where we could do collaborative design, editing, sharing, and forking.

Blaze Sanders

Hardware Engineer, META

The Future

Always looking forward, Meta plans for their future product line to be completely untethered and portable, allowing users to carry around an augmented reality experience in to the real world. By continuously improving their hardware specs, sensors, and software capabilities, Meta has positioned itself to be the provider of the most powerful AR eyewear available today.

For full specs of the Meta 1 Developer Kit, check out Meta's site and sign up to their mailing list to be in the loop for any new product announcements. If you're interested in building AR apps for Meta, be sure to check out the Meta Pioneer Program.

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