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Wellinks + Upverter

Adding Intelligence to Treatment

Wellinks was founded by three people with the aim of improving the treatment of scoliosis. The goal was to reduce the number of surgeries for kids, based on a lot of clinical research that has shown that children diagnosed with scoliosis are not wearing their braces as tightly and as often as is prescribed. For this, they developed their flagship product, The Wellinks Smart Strap to work in conjunction with existing orthotics, essentially making these orthotics ‘smarter’. Today, they have broadened their goals by calling themselves a wearable health technology company. The company’s Chief Technology Officer, Levi Deluke, himself diagnosed with scoliosis, made the decision to use Upverter for designing Wellinks’ product rather than Eagle PCB, the software he was familiar with in university. Wellinks is currently partnered with New York First Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University on a medical pilot study.

Photo of the Wellinks Smart Strap device

Cloud-Based Tool and Easy to Learn

There were two main reasons why Wellinks chose Upverter to be their electronics design software. First, the CTO believes strongly in the value and importance of cloud-based tools. The ability to work from any computer in any location and to work collaboratively with other designers who could review and add notes are features that are compelling to them. The second reason Upverter was attractive to Wellinks was that it was easy to learn. Levi highlighted how easy it was to create custom components in Upverter versus his previous experiences with Eagle PCB.

Once I started adding components and doing a lot of that stuff, I thought Upverter was really straight forward and easy to make the design. Through the course of a week or two I was able to match what I was able to do in Eagle. Portrait of Levi Deluke

Levi Deluke

Cofounder, CTO, Wellinks

Upverter Goes Above and Beyond

Wellinks had nothing but praise for the support that is provided with Upverter. Levi Deluke pointed out the live chat feature as one that was key for him getting started, specifically the expertise of the people who responded to his questions.

I remember I was up one night doing something and I came across something I didn’t know how to do. I think it was [Upverter’s] CTO responding on chat that day. They went ahead and helped me address it on the spot.

Levi Deluke

Cofounder, CTO, Wellinks

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