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Mr. Coffee is not a new name in the coffee maker industry, and is even promoted by high-profile celebrities like Joe DiMaggio. They make not only best-rated coffee makers but also the best budget options you can find.

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But how does Mr. Coffee make this possible?

Let's find out in our review of the Mr. Coffee Easy Measure, one of the best cheap coffee makers on the market.

Great Tasting Coffee

The Easy Measure surprisingly makes decent cups of coffee with both the La Colombe Phocea and Starbucks Pike Place, providing the cleanest taste for both of these roasts.

With the Starbucks Pike Place, it can soften the roast feeling, making more balanced coffee than other coffee makers. In the meantime, it captures some sweet, subtle, tea-like, and vegetal notes of the La Colombe Phocea while still gives you a full cup.

You will have the closest taste of the pleasing acidity of those roasts or even citrus when it comes to the Phocea.

Brewing Process

The Easy Measure will brew your coffee at a temperature of 179°F, which is not the highest point compared to other models. But it still makes decent cups of black coffee.

The brewing time for 12 full cups of coffee is around 12 minutes, an average number in this segment. When the brewing process completes, the machine will ring a soft chime.


The warming plate can keep your coffee at a high temperature for four hours after the brewing process is complete. As you may already know, many other coffee makers will shut off after just two hours.

But you should be aware that we don't recommend coffee that has been on the warming plate for more than two hours. If you want a hot cup of coffee after that, you should use a travel mug or a thermal carafe instead.

On the body, the machine has a digital display panel that has all the handy information you need to know about your coffee maker, including how long it has brewed your coffee.

There is no special thing to say about the glass carafe compared to other Best Coffee Maker reviews. But it will still serve you well. In the middle of the brewing process, you can take your coffee out for an early cup. This is not always recommended since it can make some coffee dribble onto the hot plate.

The simple charcoal filter, though not really effective in improving your coffee taste, can reduce the need for descaling the machine.


This budget coffee maker is super easy to use.

The interface is simple and intuitive with labeled buttons. It is so easy to understand the steps needed that you won't even need a user manual for most tasks. Accessing the programmable features does not require you to hold any buttons, either.

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Our Verdict

The Easy Measure from Mr. Coffee, one of the best coffee maker brands, can produce the most balanced and smoothest cups of coffee you can find in the budget lineups.

You can put it in a shared kitchen, and people won't have trouble trying to program it. With a simple and intuitive interface on a compact, appealing design, you will have an enjoyable time making coffee in the morning before work with it.

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