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Project description
A heat control unit designed to fit within a set of pistol grips, designed to regulate the temperature of a gas blow-back magazine to increase efficiency, gas consumption through gently increased pressure and decreased effects of cool-down. Its complexity comes with the power source. Due to the confined space, li-po batteries must be used and due to the 'always on' aspect of this design, must have very reliable under-voltage protection as well as a charger module. Required aspects: * Implement the use of resistance wire as a heating element * Be regulated to keep the mag at a steady temperature (for now set at 20-25 degrees, exact value will be tweaked after testing) * Be a completely self-contained unit, containing charger, lipo protection, thermostat and heater all within the grips of a pistol * Allow an external power source to be able to charge the batt while still heating (extend the battery) * Basic circuit should be applicable to Gas Blowback pistols, rifles and magazine pouches. * SAFELY employ a li-po cell as a power source.
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