Project Description

Project description

Right now, the Shark APEX UpLight is one of the most popular stick vacuums on the market.


And for good reasons!


It has excellent performance and a compact, lightweight design. Both of which are highly desirable qualities for a stick vacuum. So, if you are looking for a nice stick vacuum to purchase, the Shark APEX UpLight is a good place to start.


Our writers at TheKingLive have written a detailed review about this model. You can read it for free right now! But in order to save you some time, you will find all of the basic information about this vacuum in this post:


If you’re worried about this vacuum’s performance, there’s good news. During performance tests, the vacuum surpassed all of our expectations. It works well on bare floors and was able to suck up everything — dirt, dust, debris, and pet hair.

When we tested it on carpeting, its cleaning efficiency was just as good. Our testers had no issue getting the vacuum to suck up large pieces of debris or stubborn pet hair. Even on thick, high-pile carpeting, the Shark APEX UpLight was able to fulfill its job well.


Too well, in fact, for a mid-tier vacuum cleaner. The UpLight was easily one of the best performing mid-range stick vacuums that we have ever tested.


See Page:


The only issues that we got with this vacuum is that it doesn’t allow the user to adjust suction. There’s only a single power mode, which is very inflexible. Secondly, you cannot turn off the brush roll. While the soft brush roll inside of the vacuum is hardwood-friendly, there’s still a slight chance that it could mar the surface of your floors. So, be careful.


It didn’t disappoint when it comes to design, either. The vacuum has a very premium, good-looking design. It also has a slim enough profile to weave into tight corners and spaces without becoming stuck.


Our testers also reported that it is very comfortable to use. The handle is ergonomic and can effectively distribute most of the vacuum’s weight away from the user’s wrist. This reduces fatigue significantly.


However, its design isn’t all great, though. For a stick vacuum, the APEX UpLight is on the heavier side. At 11.2 pounds, it is heavier than most stick vacuums we tested. Its weight can be reduced down to only 5 pounds when you remove the suction wand and the cleaning head.


The cleaning range of the vacuum is pretty decent with a 30 feet power cord. This is about average for most vacuum cleaners — neither too short nor too long.


At maximum capacity, the vacuum can hold a nice 2.8 dry quarts. However, realistically, the vacuum will only go up to 0.68 dry quarts, which is up to the fill line. If you try to put more into the cup, the vacuum’s suction is going to suffer.


HEPA filter is included, too, which is great for allergy sufferers.


All in all, the Shark APEX UpLight is a great vacuum for a fairly affordable price. If you would like to know more about it, read our detailed review about this vacuum in the link below:

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